Most Popular 100% Whey Protein


Here is the most popular Whey Protein Brand at you want value for your money, give this baby a try. Tastes good and comes in several flavors. Here are some great reviews about this product:

Excellent stuff. I am using On’s 100% whey since about a year now and I highly recommend this product. Esp, the double rich chololate tastes like heaven, easily mixes with milk/water and leaves no stomach bloating etc. This product on amazon is a bargain and you should not let go. Get the 10 pound box and save $30. This is great stuff, if you want to grow, get this ASAP.

Here’s another:

I’m a VERY picky eater! Just ask my girlfriend, family and friends :-)
Yet I must say that this is is a good drink! That is if you like chocolate. Mix one cup of the powder (very fine) along with 8 oz of milk (skim, etc.) and it taste even better than chocolate milk! The secret is to mix it up REAL good! I mean for minute, or if you have a mixer or blender that’s even better. But I usually (for time reasons) mix it after breakfast with a spoon then drink it up.

And a third review:

 I researched protein powders by reading reviews and forum postins and on whey protein was one i kept seeing again and again. It was cheap too (comparatively) so i jumped on it.

I’m trying to bulk up for my first year of college and this was the first powder ive tried. And its fantastic! For taste anyway, i havent had it long enough to look for results. With water, its ok, kind of bland but not bad tasting at all. A bit gooey, could be a bit sweeter, but i still liked it. I have only tried mixing it with a spoon and it easily dissolves but clumps in goo floaters. Not a problem for me.

When i tried it with milk it was delicious! Tasted just like milk chocolate powder you get at grocery stores. Its almost too good as now when i get close to finishing my workouts i look forward too much to the postworkout snack and lose focus. Highly recommended!

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