Best Protein Bars


What are the best protein bars? We went to Amazon and searched for protein bars and then read the customer reviews. The top result was Kashi’s GOLEAN Protein & Fiber Bars available in chocolate peanut, chocolate almond and chocolate caramel. From the manufacturer:

Protein & fiber bar. Protein 9g. Fiber 6g. All natural. Reformulated for optimized glycemic response. Calcium, folic acid, Vitamin E and other really great nutrients! This all-natural snack is the blissful combination of decadent chocolate ad roasted peanut butter. And to help meet your daily needs, GoLean Crunchy! bars contain a specific blend of nutrients, including calcium, folic acid and Vitamin E. GoLean Crunchy! bars are now designed for an optimized glycemic response to help balance blood sugar. The glycemic response is optimized by the type of carbohydrates and unique combination of protein and fiber. Slow release carbs. GoLean Crunchy! bars contain whole grains, nuts and low glycemic carbs to help deliver a steady stream of energy, helping you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. GoLean Crunchy! bars are a good source of protein. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. GoLean Crunchy! bars are high in fiber, which promote a lower glycemic response and helps you feel full longer. At Kashi, everything we create supports our belief that healthy living begins with healthy eating. That’s why we created the GoLean family or products with a unique blend of protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied, energized and committed to eating right! Diabetic Exchange: 2 carbohydrates & 1 lean protein.

But with only 9 grams of protein per serving, this may not be for hard core muscle building. Let’s check some reviews:

I bought these for busy days at work when I don’t have time for lunch, and to lose a little wieght. The chocolate makes them taste like a treat, not a diet. And they’re high in fiber and protein, so a good option as a meal-replacement. Plus, they’re delicious! I look forward to my bar each day.

They may taste good, but other brands will pack more protein in one bar to eat on the go.

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