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Most Popular 100% Whey Protein

Here is the most popular Whey Protein Brand at you want value for your money, give this baby a try. Tastes good and comes in several flavors. Here are some great reviews about this product: Excellent stuff. I am using On’s 100% whey since about a year now and I highly recommend this product. [...]

Do Amino Acids work?

There are many types of amino acids to use for bodybuilding, lets review the three “branched-chained” amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine Leucine is one of the three “branched-chain” amino acids (BCAA’s), along with isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids account for one third of all the protein in muscle tissue, and this significant [...]

Filipino Bodybuilder that inspires me

Many asian men find it difficult to get really muscular due to genetics, but find it easier to get and stay lean, at least in my own experience that is the case. I grew up skinny and really lean and no matter what I tried to gain weight it did not work. It’s only after [...]

BSN Endorush Energy and Performance Support Beverage

Just got back from the gym, we tried Endorush from BSN makers of No-Xplode. Endorush is a caffeine loaded energy drink that will boost your energy at the gym. Since this was the very first time we tried it, we had to make sure that we were following manufacturer’s direction which is: Always shake well [...]

BSN NO-XPLODE CEM3, Nitric Oxide Creatine

WE LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s not all in your mind, when you drink this creatine and nitric oxide combination, you can actually feel it working. You’ll be able to lift more weight and have a longer workout as the drink makes it’s way through your bloodstream. You’ll swear it makes you warmer and pumps up [...]

Best Protein Bars

What are the best protein bars? We went to Amazon and searched for protein bars and then read the customer reviews. The top result was Kashi’s GOLEAN Protein & Fiber Bars available in chocolate peanut, chocolate almond and chocolate caramel. From the manufacturer: Protein & fiber bar. Protein 9g. Fiber 6g. All natural. Reformulated for [...]